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Locksmith Wesley Chapel: Best Small Safes For Office

Do you have a small safe for your office? Is this is a good idea?

If these are questions that you are asking, then you have come to the right place. When you think about offices, you might not necessarily assume a safe is needed, but it is never a bad idea to have one. Small safes can be a really good option because of the fact that they are compact; they have the ability to keep important items and paperwork out of plain sight while avoiding having to stuff them into a cabinet that’s already full or easily accessible to too many people; and they can even aid with organization. Whether you want to keep items organized or out of plain sight, or you have important paperwork/items you want to protect against fire, flooding, or any other unforeseen contingency, a safe is a good option for your office.

There are an abundance of perks to having small safes in offices because they can be water resistant, fire resistant, burglar safe, hard-wearing, are not simple to get into, which keeps your items protected. So it isn’t just about deterring theft – it’s also about protecting your items in the event of some sort of natural disaster, or at least buying you some time.

What are important features in a small safe?

A concern should be the features offered by the safe. It is important to be aware of the security and fire ratings of a safe. A good safe can be small in size but still offer a lot in making sure your items are safe from theft or damage.

In terms of features, a reliable safe should have a thick steel plate and steel bolts, to start – this would make it difficult if not impossible to break into. If the steel plates are thin, they can be more easily accessed by a burglar. Now, other important features include a safe that locks digitally, has invisible hinges, is water resistant, fire resistant, can keep moisture out for extended periods of time and so on. Look for ratings and certifications. Ratings can actually help you determine how long your items might be safe for in the event of a fire. Of course, a safe can’t be fireproof, but it can be fire resistant. Having a high TL rating is good – this is going to cost a little bit more but the security and protection offered is higher.

Other Considerations for Small Office Safes

If you make the decision to go with a floor safe, it can have protection against fires, however the door is still exposed to the fire and isn’t completely fire resistant. Smoke and heat are going to likely be able to get inside. A free standing composite safe might be the better choice for your small office as it provides security against accidental damage, against burglary, and helps prevent fire damage to the items inside. You can look at electric lock or dial safes, which basically comes down to your preferences. You can also go with a combo of mechanical and electronic locks so if one part fails, you can operate the safe using the other method.

You might have a desire to get a safe that stands on its own and you might not be concerned about it being concealed, but you want to make sure that it is secure and cannot just be carried away no matter what the circumstances happen to be. There are some safes that come with anchor holes in them, so you have the ability to bolt the safe to the floor. If you would like guidance or any additional information regarding small safes for your office and you happen to be in our service area, you can contact Locksmith Wesley Chapel in Wesley Chapel, FL. We are always happy to help customers and yes, when the time comes, we are able to install your safe, too!

Good Small Safes Available

Anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel, will have likely noticed a small safe in the closet. This typically comes with a keypad that allows you to set your own code and access the safe. In some cases, you will be given a key for it. AmazonBasics Security Safe is one popular small safe that could be used in hotels and offices alike. Its hinges are not visible, it is compact and it is operated by means of a keypad. It can also be bolted so it can’t be moved. Again, this is just one popular small safe option.

Paragon Flat Electronic Wall Safe is a small wall safe that is perfect for storing items you are worried could otherwise be stolen. You can easily hide this type of safe and it can’t be broken. It can, however, be opened using a keypad. You do have the option to use a key, too. It might not offer the best in terms of fire protection but it will help to protect your valuables from theft. This safe is available for right around $100 depending on where you might purchase it from.

Is your primary concern fire? If so, Steelwater Gun Safes 2-Hour Fireproof Safe is a wise investment. Yes it is costly but you are getting the protection you desire. It has the ability to withstand very high temperatures and it comes with a combo lock.

Stanley Biometric Personal Home Safe is another small safe to consider. You can get the one that unlocks using combination codes or fingerprint readers. The door has thick steel and deadbolt locks, so it would be very difficult to break open.

If you are looking for a small safe for your office, we can provide you with the advice you need. Here with us, you are going to find the best options and our experts can install it for you as well. If you are not in our service area just make sure to contact a locksmith near you when you have questions about the best small safes for your office.